Nigerian Food Locals Miss While Abroad

Nigerian Food Locals Miss While Abroad

admin admin May 17, 2022 Holidays, News, Restaurant

Though exotic meals are delicious and exciting, these dishes can get tiring and make you feel homesick. There are certain foods Nigerians miss the most when living abroad. These dishes may not necessarily be our favourite Nigerian food but they remind us of home and its amazing memories.

Here are a few foods Nigerians miss most while living abroad:

Ewa Agoyin

Ewa Agoyin is just beans and a burned pepper sauce but it’s a special Nigerian food. People say they can make this at home but can they really? Getting the sauce burned to the point where it’s still edible is an art only Nigerian street food sellers can create.


Asun is a popular Nigerian food made of goat meat cooked in pepper sauce. It usually serves as an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre, if you want to be fancy, or even as a side dish with rice. When Nigerians abroad crave asun, they remember family gatherings or parties back home.


Abacha, also known as African salad, is a popular Nigerian food from eastern Nigeria usually sold on the street. You definitely won’t find this meal on the streets of Canada or London.

Akara and Pap

You know it’s Saturday morning when you wake up to the sweet aroma of akara with freshly made pap. This Nigerian food is deliciously made of fried ground beans and boiled ground corn or millet.

Garri and Groundnut

Nothing is as soothing as taking garri and groundnuts with cold water. If you want to be fancy or a little controversial, you can add some milk for that extra kick. This Nigerian food combination gives a kind of fulfilment that only a true Nigerian can understand.


Suya has been called so many names like barbecued meat, kebab and many others. Forget what you’ve seen on TikTok- if it’s not wrapped in newspaper and dipped in that special pepper then it’s not our beloved Nigerian food, suya.